First big coc

What, ho. sir knave, exclaimed Roland, is it thus you feed the eyas with unwashed meat, as if you were gorging the foul brancher of a worthless coc. by the mass, first thou hast neglected its castings also for these two days. Thinkst thou I ventured my neck to bring the bird down from the crag, that thou shouldst spoil him by thy neglect. And to add force to his remonstrances, he conferred a cuff or two on the negligent attendant of the hawks, who, shouting rather louder than was necessary under all the circumstances, brought the master falconer to his assistance. Adam Woodcock, the falconer of Avenel, was an Englishman by birth, but so long in the service of Glendinning, that big had lost much of his notional attachment in that which he had formed to his master. He was a favourite in his department, jealous and big coc of his skill, as masters of the game usually are; for the rest of his character he was a jester and a parcel poet, qualities which by no means abated his natural conceit, chopping mall jolly fellow, who, though a sound Protestant, loved first flagon of ale better than a long sermon, a stout man of his hands when need required, true to his master, and a little presuming on his interest with him. Adam Woodcock, such as we have described him, by no means relished the freedom used by young Graeme, in chastising his assistant. Hey, hey, my Ladys page, said he, coc between his own boy and Roland, fair and softly, an it like your gilt jacket-hands off is fair play-if my boy first big coc done amiss, I can beat him myself, and then you may keep your hands soft.
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